(n) Disruptor: a person or thing that prevents something, especially a system, process, or event, from continuing as usual or as expected

WFA’s Disruptors

(Listed in alphabetical order by last name)
  • Anonymous
  • Kay Kelley Arnold
  • Dr. Katherine Berry
  • Jean Block
  • Juli Brandenberger
  • Mellie Boagni Bridewell
  • Bill Brookshire
  • Tjuana Byrd-Manning
  • Ann Childs
  • Ellon Cockrill
  • Ashley Coldiron
  • Cici Conger-Portie
  • Cindy Conger
  • Anita Davis
  • Marisha DiCarlo
  • Andrea Dobson
  • Dr. Lee Lee Doyle
  • Dr. Christina Drale
  • Tamika Edwards
  • Olivia Farrell
  • Jill Floyd
  • Denise Garner
  • Natalie Ghidotti
  • Dr. Hunter Goodman
  • Anna Beth Gorman
  • Dorothy Hall
  • Shannon Hendrix
  • Erin Hohnbaum
  • Abby Hughes Holsclaw
  • Dr. Cherisse Jones-Branch
  • Heather Jones
  • Dr. Jerrilyn Jones
  • Tina McCord
  • Molly McNulty
  • Alison Melson
  • MHP/TeamSI
  • Beverly Morrow
  • Lesley Nalley
  • Laura Nick
  • Marnie Oldner
  • Ann Owen
  • Cathy Owen
  • Danielle Patterson
  • Rebecca Pittillo
  • Amanda Potter-Cole
  • Amy L. Rossi
  • Liz Russell
  • Mimi San Pedro
  • Lacy Selig
  • Lottie Shackelford
  • Mary Gay Shipley
  • Rickie Smith
  • Dean Victoria DeFrancesco Soto
  • Sarah Steen
  • Emily Parke Stephens
  • Barbara Sugg
  • Cindy Thornton
  • Annabelle Imber Tuck
  • Brooke Vines
  • Carson Tallach Vogelpohl
  • Sharon Tallach Vogelpohl
  • Sherry Walker
  • Karron Wages
  • Millie Ward
  • Dr. Kathy White Loyd
  • Ruth Whitney
  • Kara Wilkins
  • Alison Williams
  • Tricia Wilson
  • Gena Wingfield
  • Carolyn Witherspoon

Become A Disruptor Today!

Become A Disruptor!

The WFA was created 25 years ago by our Founders, a group of dedicated, action-oriented women who sparked change in our state. In 2023, we are establishing a new call: for Disruptors to fan that spark into a flame for the next 25 years. With a $2,500 investment to support the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas you can join the community of women listed above to create real change and economic security for Arkansas women and girls.
Donor Benefits:

– Invitation to Disruptors’ Lunch – gather with community of donors in support of women
– Name appears on list of Disruptors printed in 2023 Top 100 Women Publication*
– Special recognition at WFA’s Power of the Purse event and in the program book**
– Name listed on the WFA Website as a Disruptor
– WFA pin
– Early access to WFA events and info
– Recognition in WFA’s Annual Impact Report

*If you commit after July 27th your name will not be listed. Pledge must have been received by July 27 to be listed as Disruptor in Top 100 Women Publication
**Pledge must be received by August 31 to be listed in Power of the Purse program book.
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