Introducing our 2018 Woman of the Year in Business: Marcy Doderer

Marcy Doderer took the helm as President and Chief Executive Officer of Arkansas Children’s Hospital (ACH) on July 15, 2013. Over the last five years she has led the transformation of ACH into a health system, which includes multiple clinics, research institute, and two pediatric hospitals serving over 700,000 children in Arkansas. Prior to her role at Arkansas Children’s, she served as a member of senior leadership for CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System in various capacities since 2002. Marcy held progressive leadership roles in Texas, serving in both large and small hospital facilities.

Marcy is a Fellow in the American College of Health Care Executives (ACHE) and is active in many professional organizations. She has served on various boards and committees at the state and national level aimed at improved child health. She is currently a board member of the Children’s Hospital Solutions for Patient Safety, the Children’s Hospital Association, and Healthy Active Arkansas. Marcy is also active with the Little Rock Regional Chamber and Fifty for the Future.

As a professional and a mother, Marcy is passionate about improving healthcare for children in Arkansas. She obtained her BS in Finance from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas and her MA in Hospital and Health Administration from The University of Iowa.

We asked Marcy a few questions about what it means to be the 2018 Woman of the Year in Business.

WFA: What were the defining motivators that shaped the success you have today in business?

Marcy: I am motivated by the results we aim to achieve. The process of developing solutions for the problems faced by the teams and the patients we serve is invigorating. And rewarding. As I thought about jobs and then a career, I was drawn to work that involved people helping people and required keen intellect for problem solving. Healthcare was a great fit. I am frequently re-energized knowing that we have the absolute privilege of helping children reach their full potential. That’s quite motivating to get it right!

WFA: As a woman in business, a leader and an influencer how do you see the role as an opportunity to promote women & girls so they can reach their full potential?

Marcy: My leadership philosophy assumes that all leaders have the inherent obligation to develop people. I think that is one of the most important roles a leader, especially a CEO, can play -not only do I enjoy the process personally of working with team members on their development plans, I think it’s vital for me to ensure the organization has the right resources (people, programs, dollars) dedicated to leadership development. In my current role I have taken an interest in the development of plans and infrastructure for a vibrant, diverse and inclusive work environment at Arkansas Children’s. The plan calls for gender diversity and beyond. We are all better when organizations frame decisions and actions that anchor the work they do with a diverse work force and inclusive culture.

WFA: Children’s has a female CEO, CFO and COO why do you think it’s important for companies to place women in executive roles?

Marcy: Companies need effective executive teams that reflect the make-up of the communities they serve. Naturally that entails building an executive team inclusive of strong, intelligent and capable women. I believe that work is considerably more fun, more rewarding, and achieves better outcomes with a team comprised of people representing a variety of world views. It’s also true that in the US, women are the key decision-makers of healthcare for families. It only makes sense that a great pediatric health system like Arkansas Children’s would have women in key leadership roles.

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