The Women’s Foundation of Arkansas utilizes Letters of Interest (LOI) as a way for its Grants Committee to determine if your organization meets grant requirements and if your organization’s mission is in line with the mission of the Foundation. This step allows you to briefly state your need before putting in the extra work of completing a full proposal/grant application.

LOI Expectations

The Foundation asks that your Letter of Interest succinctly demonstrate the need or problem you have identified, your proposed solution, and your organization’s qualifications to implement that solution. You will have the opportunity to share more details about your program/project if a full proposal is requested.

LOI Checklist
  • Annual Deadline: 5:30 pm on December 31
  • Length: 3 page maximum
  • Contents:
    • Introduction
    • Description of your organization
    • Statement of need
    • Methodology
    • Brief discussion of other funding sources
    • Final summary

Electronic copies of all Letters of Interest are preferred over postal mail. Correspondence addresses are on our Contact page.