“I will remember the speakers in breakout sessions – hearing from women of diverse career and cultural backgrounds. They are great role models – intelligent, beautiful, and inspiring women. I loved how specific the breakout speakers were about their education and the actual pathway to their careers; personal stories are so powerful. The keynote speaker was amazing! How wonderful this organization is to encourage young girls to pursue careers in STEM.”
– Girls of Promise® Chaperone

Impact Assessment

The Women’s Foundation completed an ambitious research project in June 2010 which culminated in a 36-page Impact Assessment of Girls of Promise® from 2000 to 2009. A cadre of volunteers helped conduct the research, inputting data from the first 10 years of Girls of Promise® conferences and contacting alumnae to determine the impact of the program on their lives.

Clinton School of Public Service graduate Joanna Klak analyzed the data and penned the report. Data showed that the program works – that Girls of Promise® does indeed encourage the state’s young women to remain in high school and further their studies of STEM fields through post-secondary education. Evaluation tools continue to be an integral part of each conference and continued impact samplings are in progress.